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The Powerful combination

Combined Powers is the name of a joined project by KRONE and LEMKEN, a design concept that presents an autonomous ‘process unit’ consisting of a drive unit and various implements. The unit offers a sustained solution to the increasing lack of skilled labour in agriculture. It frees farmers from working those long days in the field and makes them systems operators who monitor the autonomous process unit as it delivers a consistent and accurate quality of work.

Your opinion is needed!

Which operations would you like to automate in your business? What is the ideal attachment? Which technical parameters are important for the tractor of the future? Tell us in our survey so that we can develop our concept study even more precisely for you. Of course, our survey is voluntary and anonymous. Selbstverständlich ist unsere Umfrage freiwillig und anonym.


  • Engine power 170 KW / 230 PS
  • Coupling options: 3-point linkage
  • Pulling and pushing action
  • Dimensions: 5.5 m by 2.7 m by 2.6 m (l, wh, h)
  • Management software
  • Environment perception

Q & A

What kind of drive is used to power this unit?

The current design concept is powered by a diesel electric engine (diesel engine + electric propeller + pto shafts). We chose this type of drive also in view of the post-combustion engine era.

Where is the steering wheel?

The future machine will be operated and monitored from a mobile device. At present, locomotion and coupling are controlled remotely from a radio control.

What is the advantage of employing such a process unit instead of a tractor?

The process unit carries out all field processes in an optimum and automated way and it requires no operator. Our focus is on the process itself. Farmers are freed to concentrate on their core skills (cropping, planning).

Do you cooperate with a well-known tractor manufacturer?

The process unit is an exclusively proprietary development – from the frame and the driveline to the software (bout planning, geofencing, safety and security).

Is it possible to customise a process to specific field conditions?

The unit is adaptable to every individual field.


The current status can be viewed and new orders created via the mobile device.

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